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If you like to tee off as the sun is rising, Alysha Del Valle would be a great addition to your group. Del Valle reports to NBC at 3 a. Del Valle has long been a part of the charitable community in Los Angeles. She was a longtime radio anchor before she went to ABC as a traffic anchor, a position she had for eight years, and she recently started a new job at NBC. She always watched sports with her dad, Leo, but was never exposed to golf until she was a teenager. Not until her work afforded her the opportunity to play in numerous charity tournaments did she start playing more seriously. She figured the invitations kept coming, so she better figure out a way to maneuver around a golf course.

Alysha Del Valle Bio, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Daughter & Wiki

However, the glamorous newscaster, who provides traffic updates to her viewers to help them navigate the traffic jams smoothly, has had rising interest from her viewers over her personal life. Over the course of her long reporting career, Alysha, with her tremendous good looks and her bubbly personality, has ruled over the heart of millions. However, she seems up for the challenge and has not let her personal life overshadow her professional endeavors.

However, she remains properly compensated for the effort and hard work she puts into the job, landing some huge salary figures.

The latest Tweets from Alysha Del Valle (@alyshadelvalle). #LAWoman #​MissYouToo♥️. Los Angeles, CA.

Always full of life and very high-spirited, Alysha Del Valle is an American reporter and TV anchor who is renowned for being very bubbly and enthusiastic in her approach to news delivery. Over the years, she has become quite prominent in California especially in Los Angeles, the city in which she works as a traffic reporter for a TV station. Alysha Del Valle was born on the 27th day of July in Even though she is clearly an American woman, it is noteworthy that Alysha Del Valle also has Mexican roots because she was born into a Mexican-American household.

Alysha has a sister, identified only as Julie, with whom she grew up in Los Angeles. The family shares a strong bond. Alysha has often explained that her father and mother helped her become more appreciative of her Mexican background by always teaching her about the cultures in Mexico. As she grew up, she became very proud of her Mexican heritage, never missing the yearly celebration of Mexican Independence Day. Growing up, Alysha Del Valle was described as a very bubbly person.

She loved to talk and this often got her in trouble because she could not stop talking in class even when the teacher was around. But, she was very smart and usually came top of her class. In fact, according to sources, she graduated top of her class at her high school and consequently got an academic scholarship to study at the University of Southern California, a private university which is located in Los Angeles.

Alysha had always wanted to become a journalist.

If Alysha Del Valle From NBC Isn’t Married, How She Has Daughter? The Truth

So, the big question today remains is Alysha Del Valle married? Or who is her husband with whom she shared a daughter? So, Stay with us to collects all the information about Del that includes, earning, net worth and many more.

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Her fame rose after she got a chance to host the program called On The Streets with Alysha. Regarding her personal life Alysha Del Valle is possibly single and unmarried. But as exclusive as she seems while reporting her personal life on the other hand is pretty wrapped up. Though she has not disclosed her net worth it is estimated to be a sixdigit figure. As of January Alysha Del Valle s personal life is a mystery. Nov nbspThe saying even dark clouds have a silver lining would not go amiss on American journalist Alysha Del Valle.

Her romantic relationship was like one such dark cloud and left her in ruins but it did leave her with silver not just silver but the most Nov nbspHowever she was in a relationship with a man whose identity remains confined.

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She is well-known for her bubbly personality. Ashley was the only reason I watched channel 7 morning news. Hope all is well with her.

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Home About Contact Advertise. Alysha Del Valle married, age, husband, daughter photos, wikipedia, salary, measurements, what happened to, where is, bikini, twitter. Her real name is Alysha Del Valle. Her famous role was in the TV show Film girl. She has done her degree in Communications. School she went is local high school.

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TV journalists may not be one of the flashiest celebrities around, but they still have their own place in the media. According to a survey in December , the majority of Americans still get their daily dose of the news by turning on the TV so imagine how important these media personalities are in keeping us informed about the world. She has the star sign of Leo and she has its characteristics in her personality such as warm, action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved and admired. As a child, she had a cheery and bubbly personality.

She also has a sister named Julie Valle.

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The saying even dark clouds have a silver lining would not go amiss on American journalist Alysha Del Valle. Her romantic relationship was like one such dark cloud and left her in ruins, but it did leave her with silver, not just silver but the most precious thing that could be on earth. Previously, she worked in radio shows and as a broadcaster for Fox 11 and ABC7. She is a philanthropist and for her devotion to the community she was recognized by the former mayor of LA Antonio Villaraigosa and received an Impact Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism by the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

Born and raised in L. A Alysha Del Valle graced into this world on July 27, Her dad was a war veteran. The smart and witty lady received an academic scholarship and graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. After years of working for radio shows she embarked on television broadcasting career by working on Assignment Desk for LA’s FOX 11 News and then as a traffic reporter for Eyewitness On abc7y.

Besides contributing her excellency to the broadcasting world, she also contributes equally to the society. She has been involved in various social actions such as helping underprivileged high school kids enroll in best universities, assisting at-risk youth and beach clean-ups. The gorgeous latina has the looks to kill, matched ably by her perfect figure. And her persona is the reason behind her significant male followers, who just tune to NBC4 to catch a glimpse of her.

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What is the meaning of a successful career if you can’t raise a toast with your family? Alysha Del Valle is on a lifelong quest of finding the answer because she too has a blissful career behind her back and lags in her family matter. The single mother of Rain Paloma has been relishing her life keeping information about her partner and boyfriend under the wraps.

Alysha Del Valle had a mysterious dating life in the past however is currently enjoying the single life. However, she was previously married to a.

By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Alysha Del Valle holds a career in media and networking as a traffic reporter and anchor. She even hosted a show, ‘On The Street With Alysha’ which tells the culture and lifestyles around the country. Her Children? Alysha Del Valle had a mysterious dating life in the past however is currently enjoying the single life.

However, she was previously married to a man whose name was rumored to be Ray Castillo Jr. The name is not confirmed but the couple gave birth to a daughter on June 7, , and named her Rain Paloma. Mothers of daughters are daughters of mothers and have remained so, in circles joined to circles, since time began. Her ex-husband went on to marry Andreas Dakos while Alysha is quite stable with her current relationship status and lives a delightful single life.

She keeps her personal life to herself and doesn’t drop a clue about it in the media which is why it’s complicated for media to find out if she’s dating a boyfriend or not. Valle aged 46, is focused on her career rather than any other thing.

Alysha Del Valle

In major markets like New York and Los Angeles it has become rare to see a TV news woman in a traditional business suit. One station executive is rumored to have banned jackets in favor of clingy, low-cut tops. Ten years ago I wrote a column in the Online Journalism Review about Naked News, a news program delivered entirely by women in the buff.

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Alysha Del Valle Biography

Alysha Del Valle is famous mostly as a Traffic Anchor. From a very young age, she had an interest in sports and used to play games like golf, boxing, and snow skiing. She is the burgeoning American anchor and meteorologist who has established herself as a veteran in broadcast journalism.

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Canter’s at night. Yes I know there is no apostrophe on the sign, but Canter’s uses one. Most of the time. A semi-regular bite at the day’s news and observations. Follow LA Observed on Twitter between posts. Behind the LA Times editor massacre in his coverage of Monday’s mass firing of LA Times masthead editors, Variety’s Gene Maddaus links the house cleaning to newsroom complaints lodged with corporate parent Tronc about editor-publisher Davan Maharaj and his handling of the USC medical dean investigation.

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Best known as a Traffic anchor, Alysha Del Valle stands at an average height of 5 feet and 2 inches 1. From a young age, Alysha was profoundly interested in sports. She used to play sports like golf, snow skiing, and boxing. Later, for her academics, she went to the University of Southern California and earned a bachelor’s degree in Arts in Communication with an academic scholarship. Her fame elevated after she got a chance to host the program, On The Streets with Alysha.

Likewise, the big break came for her when she joined the NBC4 Network. But after serving the channel for some time, Alysha bid goodbye without giving reasons. So, there were rumors of her being fired from the system. She stated that she left NBC because the tenure of her contract was up.

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